How Brexit is the result of a modern day “Elders of Zion” conspiracy

David Aaranovitch in the Times today records how it was a Times journalist, Philip Graves, who, one hundred years ago, bust open “The Jewish Peril” conspiracy and proved it to be fiction,

A hundred years ago, as now, life was confusing – maybe it always is? There are two responses to confusion – to hide or to enquire. What those who seek to benefit from ignorance do is pitch a solution that removes the need for the hard work of enquiry. And they do it with such vigour and noise that even those hiding cannot ignore it.

The “Europe is to blame” deception is a modern day “Elders of Zion” . A small group of politically motivated men and women decided that a route to power was to offer a solution to people’s concerns – especially about the influence of not Jews, but foreigners generally and Europeans in particular.

And so the “Leave the EU”movement was born. The goal was “to subvert the world order and replace it with their own.” Well maybe not the world order, but certainly the British bit of it.

The driver of the revolution is always lies. Tyrants cannot gain power by telling the truth only by distorting it, and by invention. The “Elders” of the European Union were power mad bureaucrats bent on creating a superstate with ultimate power over brave little England. It too was “twaddle” and “balderdash” but it presented a credible explanation to help us resolve our confusion.

We too have had our Philip Graves, many of them, proving that a conspiracy to gain power was underway. But they were ignored by too many as the participators in the fraud gained support. The waving of the flag and the raw appeal to patriotism was decisive. Brussels was the enemy. 🇬🇧

One thought on “How Brexit is the result of a modern day “Elders of Zion” conspiracy

  1. It’s interesting to consider that most prominent leavers were also climate change deniers to some extent.
    Johnson has only recently undergone a ‘road to Damascus period after getting involved with his mistress who claims environmentalist credentials. Pity he didn’t meet a rabid remainer. If he had maybe things would be a little different. Pre-Carrie Symonds, Johnson cared less about the environment he was even at one stage a supporter of the EU.
    In truth, we are all influenced by our immediate surroundings the people we love, and the stuff we like to read, study, and value.
    If that stuff reinforces a long-held prejudice so much the better or worse as the case may be.
    In Paul Preston’s excellent book ‘A People Betrayed’ he writes that during the thirties political turmoil in Spain in the run-up to the civil war the political unrest was thought and believed by the right to be a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy. Instead of the age-old conflict, it actually was between haves and have-nots. Endless clap-trap was written claiming proof of this and evidence of that. All complete balderdash. The Church and Franco swallowed it completely.
    One thing I do know and have learned from a long lifetime is there is nothing really new under the sun. Only different means and methods of uttering the slime that is anti-Semitism.


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