We are a pariah nation and the Sporting authorities of the world will ignore us

The idea that England is a candidate to host the 2030 Football World Cup is being touted by some. What world of fantasy do these people live in? There’s zero chance of it happening, and for good reason.

There is not the slightest chance that Britain, let alone England, will host an international sporting event for decades – if ever again. Next year is the tenth anniversary of the immensely successful London Olympics.

London2012 was the reputational high point and since then the nation has retreated behind nationalist walls, eschewed international cooperation, banned fellow Europeans from working here, deported at random people it doesn’t like, savagely cut international aid, denied the checks and balances of international courts and gratuitously insulted foreigners and nations who dare to criticise it. All this whilst spouting hubristic lies about “Global Britain”.

When given the chance to host the final games of the Euros we booed the opposition, rioted in the streets and tried to break down barriers to get into Wembley. We shone laser lights into the eyes of goalkeepers, insulted anthems and racially abused our own players. You can’t have it both ways – we have chosen insularity and boasted about it. We can’t at the same time be potential good hosts to visitors. We are a pariah nation and the Sporting authorities of the world will ignore us. And who can blame them?

One thought on “We are a pariah nation and the Sporting authorities of the world will ignore us

  1. Football supporter violence is nothing new. Britain is renowned and disliked for it. However, the racial undertones seen last week by people in power are relatively new. I am deeply ashamed I carry a UK passport. Then to hear Patel make the comment that racists supporters have a right to boo footballers taking the knee is sickening. Taking the knee is not political posturing it’s an act of solidarity for victims of racial abuse.
    The fact that Patel and Johnson don’t understand that or have the savvy to realise their behaviour would cause offence and a public backlash is an indication of the state the government is really in.
    If football contributes to the demise of this appalling Tory government I may get over my life-long dislike of football culture and who knows even the sport itself.


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