The establishment cage has been rattled on race – GOOD !

I think that Lionel Shriver is deliberately missing the point in her condemnation of “Black Lives Matter” in “The Times” today.

For the first time in my (long) living memory a response to institutionalised racism is having an effect. Her very article is proof that the establishment cage has been rattled.

Here and in the United States the cultural norm excludes people of colour. To break through ( many do) BAME citizens have to ensure that though they might be black or brown they have to adopt the mores and appearance of the white majority.

Multiculturalism is traduced by many who are discomforted by behaviour and appearance different to their own. This is particularly true of British muslims whose religion and dress can set them apart from the white mainstream. Spend a day tracking the abuse and Islamaphobia on social media if you doubt this.

Mankind is diverse, creating a hierarchy in any society based on colour is inhuman. And to think that it doesn’t matter is offensive. I support the premise that black lives matter – how can any civilised person not? I do not support the “Black Lives Matter” movement which has some odd political goals that I don’t endorse. I find no paradox here.

More shouty placard-waving please.

One thought on “The establishment cage has been rattled on race – GOOD !

  1. Historically prejudice in America began with the European conquest of the native American Indians and continued with slavery. In Britain colonial conquest and slavery began the same process. Set the same attitudes in stone.
    The sense of superiority, an us and them state of mind exists as much today as it did in the seventeenth century. It suited the establishment power structures of generations.
    To break that cycle requires nothing short of a revolution, hopefully peacefully. Martin Luther King showed what can be achieved with peaceful protest. It requires people in power to take a stand.
    The BLM movement is attempting to reform the police criminal justice system in America that is heavily and negatively stacked against black people. There is a long way to travel.
    There have been many such organisations campaigning for black people’s equal rights in the past. They usually fade away and the prejudice and killings continue. As William Butler Yeates wrote on Irish unity. “Change comes dropping slow”. Let us all hope that this period in human history does actually bring meaningful reform. However, the relentless march of the European political right and Trumpian America does not encourage hope.


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