Biden could be the first President for a long time to realise the limitations of American power

The time has hopefully come when the rich and well-armed West stops thinking it has the right and capability to interfere in the internal affairs of far away countries of which they know nothing. Virtually every arrogant act of military action of modern times has left the United States with egg on its face.

Osama bin Laden’s legacy was not just the horror of 9/11 but the subsequent grotesquely failed Western military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. America’s global policeman role was selective. Where a Government was evil but all powerful – Russia in the Crimea and presently potentially in Ukraine and China in Tibet for example – America sat on its hands. Thankfully.

Where American power was thought to be all powerful the lessons of Vietnam were not learned. And where commercial interests dominated – the Saudis in Yemen for example – the US let their business partners do what they liked. Don’t worry about a bit of genocide when there is a harvest of petrodollars to haul in.

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