Delusion piled upon delusion as Britain slides into comical decline

Brexit is , of course, the ultimate “we know best” policy. An irrational and profoundly damaging act of collective self-harm driven solely by the preposterous notion that our sovereignty as a nation was under threat and that, as Flanders and Swann put it, “The English, The English, the English are best”. As an Empire and a nation falls into irreversible decline notions of superiority , however delusional, come to the fore. Read Gibbon. This is more of the same.

Mr Dolan and his fellow gold plated anarchists can afford the arrogant indulgence that they “know best”. Not many of the super rich have caught COVID-19. Whilst the rest of us need protection from common sense policies like mask-wearing Mr Dolan can pay for some little people to do his shopping. The idea that our Human Rights are endangered by having to wear a mask is comical but I suppose if Mr Dolan wants to throw some of his money at a losing cause that’s his affair. What a silly man.

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