The real world is more bonkers than the conspiracy theories of QAnon.

David Aaronovitch, writing in “The Times” today, reveals the bizarre world of QAnon. I’d never heard of it but it seems to be a complex amalgam of conspiracy theories most of them utterly bizarre. Why has it appeared at this time ? Here’s a theory (all my own, there’s no conspiracy). The real world, particularly the real world of politics, has become so bizarre, so dysfunctional, so surreal that if you invent something bonkers by comparison with the disturbing realities it becomes credible.

Think about it for a moment. A game show panel participant, used to operating at the lowest common denominator of entertainment, becomes President. He has no qualifications for the job, is morally defective and revels in his egomania. He is a fool. But that’s not the most disturbing part. He is placed in office and survives in office because the political Party of Abraham Lincoln wants him there. Maybe they thought he was Ronald Reagan redux? He isn’t. He’s a maniac. No conspiracy theory here. Fact. And the suits of Wall Street support him because the Dow booms. Never mind the quality – look at your booming portfolio.

Lets cross the pond. Post Imperial Britain was paddling along quite happily in its respectable newish role as a big player on the European stage. It is highly praised for its hosting of perhaps the most successful Olympic Games of modern times. To say that London is the capital city of Europe is not hyperbole. It is rich, diverse, culturally outstanding and friendly and welcoming. The diversity of Britain spreads across the nation – young Europeans from 30 countries are everywhere working, especially, in the Health Service and the Service sectors – a hugely mutually beneficial arrangement for all.

Britain was hardly broken but they tried to fix it anyway – fix it by blowing it up. A kill or cure choice made at a time when there was nothing to cure. A movement strongly resembling QAnon and driven by an extreme variant of Conservative Nationalism decided that we would be better off going it alone. There was no reason and no rationale in play – just the rawest of grotesquely intellectually deficient flag-waving patriotism. And, of course, if you’re waving the Union Flag frenetically you won’t be waving any others. Or be able to do much else. The English, The English, The English are best.

Its seems that the madness virus is very infective spreading from the White House to 10 Downing Street and beyond. Ironically though at a time when we need unpartisan competence what we find we’ve got is lying ineptitude. When citizens are dying in their tens of thousands the last thing a nation needs is boastful bluff and bluster. But that’s what we’ve got. Now I won’t punt a conspiracy theory about this though there are some very shady characters in the West Wing and the Downing St basement. The thought that there is method in the madness of these apparent charlatans is a very scary thought indeed.

One thought on “The real world is more bonkers than the conspiracy theories of QAnon.

  1. One of the principal architects of the insanity you describe is Rupert Murdoch and Co. Trump, Johnson and Farage could not have done it without him. They are merely the performers for the ringmaster.
    The simple wielding of raw power is the ultimate personal elixir for Murdoch. It’s part of his revenge on the world for the phone-hacking scandals and his humiliation. I truly believe that people like Murdoch believe in nothing but amassing wealth and power to lord over the rest of us.
    His negative legacy will play out in the decades to come. The rest of us have to pay for the consequences. Yet none of it was possible without the freedoms and liberties we so champion and they only manipulate for themselves. Perhaps, in the end, this is just a cost of liberty and the democratic system.


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