Welcome to the new Peacock Throne

Pomp and Circumstance designed to emphasise “them and us”. The overt premise of the photographs is to reinforce the right to rule because of inherited privilege. None of those featured are where they are because of effort or achievement but solely because of the accident of their birth.

Dress is a key symbol of class and entitlement. This is symbolism at its most overt, “We are different” from you, they say, and you better know your place. In the wild some creatures, mainly male, signal their importance with colourful coats or feathers. This is peacockery saying “look at me in my finery you peasants”.

An earlier Prince George

There is a governance debate to be had about the Monarchy and its place in the modern world. The case for a constitutional monarch as Head of State is not helped by images like these which suggest a royal family stuck in a Regency time warp like Prince George IV in “Blackadder”.

One thought on “Welcome to the new Peacock Throne

  1. This is truly awful and ridiculous. He is risking becoming a laughingstock. Even the former Queen and Duke played down the pomp and circumstance. Charles is displaying his lack of empathy with the times in which we live. His love of traditional architecture is just one clue to his mindset. Someone brave enough is going to have to have a serious word with him.
    The quickest route to the abolition of the monarchy is their own foolish behaviour.


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