Covering up the cracks with style

Penny Junor’s panegyric is understandable when you realise how little we have to celebrate. Yes it was a well directed and choreographed spectacle showing that we could still do the past with style, but we can’t do much else. Defending our currency, feeding our people, heating our homes, lighting our streets are likely to defeat us this winter.

The long drawn out day of the funeral brought our a well-heeled audience and it must have been galling for Italy’s president to have to discard his Maserati in favour of a bus. The couturiers (Chappelli and Stella Macartney included) must have run out of black silk and taffeta for the mourning apparel.

I was reminded of a Cameron MacIntosh production, well directed and cast with at times a surprising script. The Archbish put Johnson in his place: In “those who serve will be loved and remembered when those who cling to power and privileges are forgotten” he was to the point. The ushers had halted Johnson and his consort’s attempt to barge in. The new King looked sad and bewildered, as well he might, but held it together. As did the confident little future King George.

La Reine est Mort, vive Le Roi. And what a potentially disastrous reign is in prospect.Will Charles feel empowered to intervene as his subjects starve and freeze? As the pound slips below parity and inflation skyrockets? As civil disorder spreads?

Pageantry can be used to cover up failure but I think that was consequential here, though it was convenient. For twenty-four hours and more it would have been churlish and out of place to address the realities of modern life for many. No more.

3 thoughts on “Covering up the cracks with style

  1. I didn’t watch the funeral. I dislike this form of pageantry. It’s engaging in a massive pretence. A form of yearning for a time long past. I suggest the British have spent far too much time dreaming of mythical past glories and not enough energy directing the nation toward the modern European world.
    We all know what happens if you fail to move forward. That process of serious sclerotic decline has begun. The powers with the tools to change things remain asleep at the wheel as a nation careers toward the cliff edge. Mogg, Johnson Farage et al; the list is long the damage immense.
    A new tired septuagenarian head of state who seems to love all things past will not further the cause of drastic change and social justice.
    The spectacle of this funeral parade was one more attempt to influence the population into believing Britain remains an imperial world power. No greater a falsehood has ever been writ large.


    1. But he is not captain of SS Britannia he is the figurehead on the ship.

      US have presidents. (like Trump – Trump is old fashioned – drink disinfectant to get rid covid – climate change isn’t real, grab women by the pussy – oh yeah )

      He is not old fashioned, he was well ahead of the game, he was on about climate change etc long before this nation had the notion of it.

      But you elected governments who the media told you too. You were happy to go along with the media – crack pot royal that pushes a green agenda. You’re still slagging King Charles off – you have already condemned him.

      What a wonderful distraction from the real culprits – Lets moan about him.

      The problems in the UK are not caused by the figure head its caused by the captain of the ship – the elected leader and those who voted for them, whose prejudices were so well served in voting for Brexit and the Media who spoon-feeds them lies, the foreign money from a hostile Putin – But lets attack something unrelated that deflects from the real causes of harm because you can’t change the voters or their prejudices.

      The figure head serves no purpose other than decoration. Removing it will not solve the problems of a bad captain and crew, deluded classist nonsense to think it will.

      I believe King Charles will modernise the monarchy – after all for those born into it is in a gilded cage where every thing you do in life will be condemned. I expect he will work closely with William.

      When the monarchy goes it will be a good thing, UK will look very insignificant on the world stage, not even the trappings of the past will remain – just an impoverished nation. I say give them what they want. Then who will they have to blame?


  2. It is irritating to hear this business about expecting a UK King or Queen to intervene when in your outrage about the Royals you stripped back their powers to only giving advice.

    UK Elected this government and voted for Brexit – now you want salvation from the folly of your choices.

    Yet you were arrogant in your insistence in having your democratic way, even if it wasn’t remotely democratic and you were told and knew it, it served your nasty little prejudices. Half the UK have had this forced on them.

    And this government you elected made it clear they wanted to take back control from EU, bonfire of Regs – WE don’t need EU regs UK can make its own. We don’t need elf and safety – We don’t need consumer protections, We don’t need Uman rights fuck Europe – We are the finest in the world mate we lead the world in all that. Trade unions gave us all our rights

    This government wanted to take back control from the Lords – how dare they reject the elected governments wishes –

    This government has said all along it wants to get rid of human rights – Ah so you said yeah – get those bloody foreigners out – don’t care about kids dying crossing the channel – let them fuck off elsewhere – we don’t want em here. But human rights must be for everyone not arbitrary – ditto laws – But in UK Arbitrary justice is fine these days – but they hate the rich, oh so unfair they were born to rich parents. Well yes we don’t choose our parents – its an accident of birth – survival of the fittest – life isn’t fair. Nothing can make it so – you can only give equal opportunity and if you make foolish choices then you have to live with the consequences .

    Always looking for a peg to hang blame on. Until UK accepts they themselves are to blame along with their tribal politics nothing will change. And they will never do that.

    So they voted for all the above and are so surprised the gov they voted for is serving up what they voted for.


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