Our Royal “leaders” are as corrupt and sordid as the rest

Our country, visibly crumbling around us, is suffering from the actions of those with an overweening sense of entitlement. They inherit or acquire power and wealth and use it capriciously to their own advantage. They are all at it. Vulgar entrepreneurs with yachts and non domicile status. Corrupt politicians “rewarding” those who have helped them with contracts and peerages. Elected members of Parliament claiming massive expenses or employing members of their own family in sinecures. And now the Royals.

The Queen’s second son had to be bailed out to avoid his having to testify in a sordid court case. Her grandson plays the “Celeb” card for all its worth to fund a Californian lifestyle of wealth and privilege. And now the heir to the throne takes money laundered in a suitcase and uses honours to help bail out his failed business. Allegedly !

We have a Prime Minister with the morals of an alley cat, the attention span of a knat and the behaviour of a pre-revolutionary French aristocrat. He and truth have never been bedfellows – there was probably never room. 

And yet despite the institutionalised dysfunction all around us we still muddle on waving our preposterous flags and celebrating our “glorious” past. They’ll be at in again hailing a mythical land of hope and glory and a phoney green and pleasant land at the Albert Hall in September.

The evidence of our fall from grace is all around us. Whatever reputation we once had as a credible player on the world’s stage is gone. We sit somewhere between laughing stock and pariah sad at our loss of Empire and desperate to find something to cheer. Pageantry is the best we can do. But behind the gloss of the golden coaches and the Gilbert and Sullivan uniforms it seems that our regal leaders are as corrupt and sordid as the rest of the grossly over-entitled mob in positions of authority and power. No surprise there then.

One thought on “Our Royal “leaders” are as corrupt and sordid as the rest

  1. Whatever view you hold about monarchy nobody could deny they enjoy fabulous riches and privileges denied to ordinary people. In return, the public expects they at all times behave with the utmost probity. Elizabeth 11 has done that and been a very successful head of state. Her family less so.
    On her death, the country needs to ask a very valid question. Should Britain move into the 21st century and abolish the monarchy? My opinion is yes, monarchy should be consigned to history. Why?
    Any head of state requires accountability and transparency but above all a requirement to be free from the stench of corruption. Heredity accession to power should be an anathema in today’s meritocracy. A mechanism must exist for the public to rid themselves of anyone shown to be unsuitable or corrupt.
    Charles has shown that his values are less than those of his mother. His treatment of his first wife was appalling whatever her own failings were. He married for political reasons a vulnerable, naive young woman he never loved whilst continuing an affair and ruining her life. He has been less than candid about his treatment of Megan and his younger son. Now multiple financial scandals rear their ugly head.
    I doubt if he stood for election as head of state he would win an election. It’s time to be rid of them once and for all when the queen dies. Or if the country must keep them. As an alternative, Charles should abdicate and allow William to take over with a younger man’s energy and so far untarnished image.


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