Transition is an act of changing perceptions, not an act of changing fact.

James Morris became increasingly uncomfortable that his immutable biology was male and transitioned to Jan Morris

When proud parents put their new baby in either blue or pink baby clothes they are not performing a terrorist act but recording a fact. The same when they register the child. At birth the physical characteristics of a child are in 99.9% of cases indisputable. Not only that but those characteristics change over time as the child becomes an adult but they change only within the birth gender.

EmotIonally, however, a very small number of people feel uncomfortable with their gender and some seek to change other people’s perception of it. This is the crucial point. Transition is an act of changing perceptions, not an act of changing fact. If James wants to be seen as Jan he is entitled to request it and the law permits it. When he becomes she the new She gets a new name, a new wardrobe and a new persona. But beneath these externalities the biology doesn’t change. Even hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery cannot alter the given biology.

To be transphobic is to deny the right that we have to change how others perceive our gender. And that is as unkind and offensive as it is wrong. But to argue the fact, as I have here, that physical biology does not change does not make me transphobic, just informed

One thought on “Transition is an act of changing perceptions, not an act of changing fact.

  1. I don’t have any issues with transgender. I believe we should all aspire to be who we wish to be.
    Jan Morris never had doubts she admitted too but others sometimes do.
    Surgical change means there’s no going back for reconsideration, doubt or change.
    The people we were when young are never the same in later life. If we are it’s an indication of a form of failure. Life is a continual learning process that influences our very perceptions of who we are.
    So be who you want to be now but nothing is ever sealed in stone.


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