Liz Truss the golf club bore who’s just won the monthly medal

The Russians have lied and lied and lied.” So says Liz Truss in “The Times” today. Well that’s one thing the juntas in Moscow and London have in common.

Another thing that unites us with Putin is having an inflated view of the importance of our nations in the modern world. Russia is a hydrocarbon rich dictatorship and little else. Regrettably it inherited obscene stocks of nuclear weapons from the USSR and is a existential threat to the world. Meanwhile Britain having lost its Empire then lost , by choice, its raison d’être as a credible state by cutting itself off politically and economically from Europe. Two Nuclear armed nations with powerful, if highly questionable, pasts trying and failing to recapture those past “glories”.

Ms Truss seems to have a golf club nineteenth hole view of the world. As shallow in knowledge and analysis as the club bore who’s just won the monthly medal. The idea of Britain as a serious player on the world stage is comical and to see Truss taking to the boards alongside the big boys and girls reminds one of Shakespeare’s genius in putting a fool alongside the important characters in his histories and tragedies. Mind you with Falstaff in Number 10 and Lady Macbeth in the Home Office La Truss may turn out to be the smartest person in the room. God help us.

One thought on “Liz Truss the golf club bore who’s just won the monthly medal

  1. The P&O sacking of its long-standing workers and the bringing in of cheaper blackleg labour is a direct consequence of Brexit, Yet what do we see from this Skakesperian tragedy of a government? Tories of every ilk criticising the very consequence of their own policies. You really couldn’t make it up. Do they really think the British people are that stupid? Evidently, the answer must be yes. The fact that Tories still can call on support in the country confirms my worst fears.


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