The Brexiteer who lost can’t face the reality of his calamitous mistake

Iain Martin today in “The Times” has an extraordinary article trying to justify his Brexit vote whilst lambasting Angela Merkel in a vile and mendacious attack. It’s nasty stuff.

Nasty stuff

You lost Mr Martin, calamitously. It must be hard to bear – you want to be reassured that your foolish Brexit vote was that of a winner but sadly it was not. The worst kind of Brexiteer is not the fool who didn’t know better but the smart person, like you, who let the wrong side of his brain take over. So now you clutch at straws to try and prove the unprovable – that you were right all along.

Angela Merkel provided leadership in Europe at a time when Britain utterly abrogated it. She has been at the heart of the extraordinary and successful coming together of nations (many of whom were once enemies) for peace and security as well as for economic, social and cultural unity. She did this without the need for bombast and with the confidence of one who had seen for herself the dangers of nationalism.

Northern Europe needs gas to survive our cold winters. In the short to medium term there is no alternative. Yes power generation can use a variety of primary energy sources and Germany is diversifying away from a reliance on Coal. Gas is in that mix along with all other alternatives. But for home heating gas was and is the fuel of choice. The only one.

Britain’s energy mix is not dissimilar to Germany’s in that we too need Gas for space heating. But we have had our own offshore and even today half of our needs are met with indigenous supply. Germany does not have that luxury. She had no alternative but to do a deal with Russia.

The significant producers of Natural Gas in Europe are the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Norway. Their supply does not meet northern European demand so there have to be imports. By pipeline from Russia and by supplies of Liquified National Gas (LNG) from a variety of producers. Over time there will be more LNG. But the only feasible pipeline fed supplier to cope with demand is Russia.

One thought on “The Brexiteer who lost can’t face the reality of his calamitous mistake

  1. I can see the point Paddy in your final sentence and agree with your comments on Angela Merkle. However, Russia has committed such appalling acts against a sovereign state, Germany and its people must be prepared to suffer alongside Ukrainians. I do not believe any democratic country should trade with Russia, oil and gas especially. If that means hardship so it must be. If our anti-war rhetoric and support for Ukraine means anything actions have to follow. Alternative sources of energy mean shortages for everyone but not missiles reigning down on us.
    The Spanish government has recently announced they will embargo all trade with Russia and that includes gas.


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