In praise of “Fever Tree”

Fever Tree, whose story is described in The Times today, is a classic marketing success story. The reason is that the brand actually stands for a better product. It isn’t all hype. If you’re spending £30 a bottle or more for a premium gin don’t put ordinary tonic in it – or conventional slimline. Ever!

Schweppes became a commodity – ubiquitous, complacent and undistinguished. It’s “Slimline” was disgusting – chemically taste obscuring the gin botanicals. But a G&T is more T than G. Fever Tree recognised this.

Fever Tree rapidly acquired “Lovemark” status, and deserved to. As gins became more varied and subtle consumers didn’t want to splash any old tonic over it. They even have a lower calorie version that uses natural rather than artificial sweetener. Clever, and a winner.

The Holy Grail of branded marketing is added value. Your brand commands a premium price over and above the commodity brand or the supermarket brand. Fever Tree has successfully done this making a product up to a quality not down to a price. Good for them.

3 thoughts on “In praise of “Fever Tree”

  1. From idle curiosity, I looked at Amazon Spain for Fever Tree. I had never heard of it to be honest. It’s available here but a small 200ml bottle costs almost €2
    Not much less than a basic bottle of Gin. (€5.75). So it’s a niche product for aficionados. The equivalent Schweppes product is less than 75 cents. I drink the occasional gin with Noilly-Prat.


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