Test matches will be a curiosity in the new world of commercial short form cricket hegemony.

Tom Harrison

Simplistic and ignorant platitudes from Harrison whose track record over six years is deplorable. His newly found prioritisation of Test cricket ignores the fact that it takes two to play it. The cricket world has succumbed to the virus of T20 and not even the ICC calls the fixture tune any more.

Follow the money. A ten team IPL will be, by far, cricket’s major event. Any other cricket will have to fit around the money rich Indian domestic game. When, as is likely, the ECB decides to sell its “Hundred” franchises to the highest bidder it will be IPL interests who are first in the queue. So that will be high summer permanently handed over to Mickey Mouse cricket.

Well attended Test matches will be a curiosity in this new world of commercial short form cricket hegemony. A few heritage games like The Ashes might struggle on in the calendar but the players will perform having played little or no First Class cricket. The two innings game will generally fade away – uncared for and uncommercial.

In this new world very different domestic cricket models will emerge, all of them driven by earning potential. The best hope for County cricket is that it will be absorbed by the recreational game and become a semi-professional shadow of its former self. The short form franchise teams will attract the best young cricketers – there won’t be career opportunities in “Red Ball” cricket and it will become a part time pastime. That’s the dystopian future for cricket I’m very much afraid.

One thought on “Test matches will be a curiosity in the new world of commercial short form cricket hegemony.

  1. They began the debasement of test match cricket when they started calling it ‘Red Ball Cricket’. As if it was a lesser mortal. There is only just Cricket. Test and country matches. The rest are bastardised forms that have no relationship to the actual game. They are destructive and the skills learned in cricket become debased by a sloggers fest and antics on the pitch that resemble a Saturday night when the pubs close.
    I hope you are wrong but fear money always destroys what’s valuable in the end. So many have tried. Packer Stanford et al; yet still the game survives, for our generation at least.

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