Brexit was a false and phoney dawn – there has been no dividend

Still peddling the myth of the “Brexit dividend” – “The Times” today

The chickens are gathering in the trees in the garden of Number 10. It was always obvious that once the effects of Brexit began to kick in the Economy would head south. The final nail in the coffin came on 1st January. We are now truly on our own.

Trade has been in the eye of the storm as the Government tries impotently to claim that bilateral negotiations with trading partners will be better than the deals we enjoyed as members of the EU. It’s nonsense of course – but that doesn’t stop them peddling the myth.

International investors looking at locations for a significant presence often put London high on their list. The City’s role as a European financial capital was genuine and something to be proud of. If you were a company seeking to enter or expand in Europe now would you choose Britain? Of course not.

London especially benefited from the liberal Freedom of Movement EU membership gave. Young Europeans flooded to the city contributing at all levels. Yes the waiters came to improve themselves, but so did the young graduates of INSEAD. We were the winners. No more.

Ten years ago as a Gamesmaker at London2012 I engaged with athletes and others from around the world. Without exception they praised everything about those Games. One famous French athelete told me that London was “truly the Capital of Europe”. No more again. 😢

If you are searching for a “dividend” from Brexit just remember this. Those claimed to be coming by supporters of a “Leave” vote back in 2016 have been proved to be a chimera. And in over five years since the vote the Government has totally failed to ameliorate the disastrous consequences of Brexit in any way. Every indicator shows Britain in decline. It was a false not glorious dawn.

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