Shell does not pollute. Its customers do.

“The Anglo-Dutch energy group, which is one of the world’s biggest polluters” says The Times today

This is nonsense. The multinational energy companies like Shell cause very little pollution in their activities which are the search for, production of and transportation, processing and marketing of oil and gas. Energy consumption along this supply chain is modest and tightly controlled.

Shell does not create demand but supply it. The demand is a factor of economic development around the world. Societies have created a demand for energy as they have grown. There is a linear correlation between GDP and energy demand.

Those that attack Shell should turn their attention to the users of oil and gas not the suppliers. Persuade electricity generators to switch to renewables. Persuade motorists to take the train or get electric cars. Persuade those of us with gas boilers to replace them with something more efficient.

Oil companies have been essential elements in the growth of prosperity. But they have not themselves created that prosperity only facilitated it. It’s the same with the collateral damage from energy consumption. Shell does not pollute. Its customers do.

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