Friendless Boris pals up with the equally vainglorious Scott Morrison to build some boats and piss off the French

Vainglorious posturing

What an absolutely preposterous story this is! At no point has China articulated any threat to Australia. Why would it? The only country in the region about which the Chinese have territorial ambitions, understandably, is Taiwan. This has nothing to do with Australia.

Wars start when there is a response to aggression. The building of these vainglorious boats is a provocative act and the Chinese may feel, who could blame them, that they will need to respond. So a weapons war will begin and the size and resources of the People’s Republic is such that there will only be one winner.

On the road to fascism excessive militarism is one of the signs. Scott Morrison shares Boris Johnson’s populist, nationalist ideology and love of shallow show. And his “mine’s bigger than yours” delusions. This unnecessary , unaffordable nonsense demeans a fine nation and gives it ideas above its station – and confirms that our tinpot Prime Minister’s futile search for friends in a world that despises him will take him in some very strange directions.

One thought on “Friendless Boris pals up with the equally vainglorious Scott Morrison to build some boats and piss off the French

  1. I would not be surprised to learn that some arm twisting for a trade deal and this military alliance with Australia depended on the Aussies cancelling the French contract. The Australians do not have the capability to build modern submarines themselves. The French contract was an acknowledgement of that. So guess who benefits when the Aussie trade deal is signed? Johnson will do anything to stick up two fingers to the EU.
    Perhaps Botham will be asked to launch the first ship.
    President Macron certainly now will not be in any mood to compromise on the NI trade situation.


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