The Amazing Mr Johnson and his gang of dissemblers

They really don’t care do they? From the dissembling team that lied through their teeth in order to persuade a gullible public that we should leave the EU we have had more than five years of reputation shattering mendacity. It’s not their reputations that have been destroyed, it’s ours as a credible nation.

Truth is what they can con us into believing is true. Johnson has being doing it all his life. To his school, his university, his employers , his spouses and his friends. It would take a Barbara Highsmith to imagine the Amazing Mr Johnson , fantasist to his bootstraps.

And what about the Cabinet ? They’ll have what Boris is having. Not one of them has the guts to stand up for principled governance. Do the wrong thing. Lie about it. Do it again. Denial is their watchword.

Modern governments have powerful propaganda tools at their disposal and when there is largely a lapdog media nobody holds them to account. The hospital nonsense is a classic. I think most of us know what a new hospital is despite their rarity. It isn’t a new wing any more than a new classroom would be a new school. But heigh it is because we say it is.

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