There’s not much to be proud of in Little England – lack of Leadership is matched by Lack of Logic

Leading article in The Times

There is an excellent leader in The Times today. In response I would sat that the biggest disease in these shores for five years has been English exceptionalism driven by a separatist and nationalist ideology.

Millwall Football Club

Increasingly we resemble Millwall Football Club whose fans proudly proclaim the slogan “Nobody Likes Us and We Don’t Care”. Britain’s international reputation has never been lower. At the heart of this is ignorance and arrogance. As The Times says it’s a “bold and chaotic experiment”. England is a giant Petri dish.

The world is like a millipede with 99 legs moving in one direction and one in the opposite direction. We are the one hundreth leg. We eschew cooperation and do our own thing.

We will all have our coping mechanisms – at least the thinking amongst us will. As a double-vaccinated oldie I’m going nowhere. I won’t offer advice to others other than to say listen to the scientists and then decide. I am conscious, though, that the facile decision to put the recovery of the economy ahead of protecting the people means that many will be obliged to return to work before it is safe to do so.

The consequences of this further and culpable mismanagement of the pandemic, both collectively and for bereaved families, are tragic. There’s not much to be proud of in Little England. Lack of Leadership is matched by Lack of Logic. I don’t think that we have become ungovernable, but we are close. We are certainly ungoverned though.

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