But get used to Little England alone – broken, bitter and unloved.

Rational man in a kilt would probably vote to stay in the U.K. Just as rational man in trousers voted to stay in the European Union. But these choices fail on the dimly lit backwaters where emotion outshines rationality.

Few of us build a spreadsheet when we vote. It’s gut feeling that dictates our choice. A majority of us bought the appeal to xenophobic prejudice peddled by the “Leave” campaign. Had we all had the ability and the inclination to think about the advantages of continued EU membership we would have decided to Remain. But we didn’t so , disastrously, we haven’t.

The concept of Great Britain is a fairly modern one. England, Scotland and Wales have a far longer history as independent countries and nation states than they do together in the artificial construct that is the United Kingdom. The same applies to the short-lived colony that was British Ireland.

The U.K. before Brexit and after Irish independence just about worked. The glory of the British Empire was very real to the Victorians who created and ran it. By most measures (except moral ones) The U.K. with its empire led the world. But the Empire drifted away , including John Bull’s other island across the water (a colony in all but name). Hanging on to six Irish counties because the sectarian Protestant bigots of the north spouted that they were British before they were Irish was a bloody disaster. But unity in the island of Ireland is surely rational man’s choice now.

Pre Brexit the U.K. , Ulster aside, had some logic. But devolution opened the wounds in Scotland and Brexit rubbed salt in them. Scottish nationalism was fed from Holyrood and the Scots having chosen to stay in the EU took umbrage when they were forcibly ejected against their will.They’ll be off – and for good reason.

Little England is already a reality in our mindset and before long it will be a nation state reality again. Back to normal really – cry God for Harry, England and St George. Keep your Union Flag as a quaint reminder of what was if you like. But get used to England alone – broken, bitter and unloved.

3 thoughts on “But get used to Little England alone – broken, bitter and unloved.

  1. Excellent Paddy. You have described the future sad little England very well. Scotland has bright and prosperous opportunities with full EU membership benefits. I am going to enjoy being a small part of it.


  2. Yes, that’s the only downside. However, Spain is far too hot in summer. We have in the past been summering in France but now limited to 3 months even though we are Spanish residents. So 6 months in each is my rationale retaining residencia. At least I might get to vote in Scotland now denied to us here in Spain and France.


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