The lottery of an English education

What a complete shambles our school system is. If education is a human right then in Britain it’s one offered with staggering inconsistency. Pretty much anything goes. Schools open to all, others that are selective. Single sex schools as well as mixed ones. Faith schools of any denomination or religion. Schools that you can attend if Mummy and Daddy are rich enough. Comprehensive schools which completely replaced Grammar schools – except in the 163 cases where they didn’t. Very good schools in the higher rollers’ postcodes, Dodgy ones where the poor live.. And so on.

Ah, you might say, we have freedom of choice but in the main this freedom only applies to those that can afford it. 7% do that and their kids get a fine Private education as a result. Many others with the resources to do so move into the postcodes where the best state schools are.

I see zero prospect of change. Levelling up the poorer schools requires investment and expenditure we don’t have. Faith schools will continue to narrowly indoctrinate children when they should be broadening them. Private schools and Grammar schools will be available to a tiny few where family wealth or student ability at eleven allows it. Of course some pupils overcome difficulties and triumph – but in the main it’s a lottery where the outcome is predetermined.

Oh , and I nearly forgot, Gavin Williamson is the Secretary of State for Education.

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