Biden will struggle to establish an ethical foreign policy with Saudi Arabia

Few of us seem bothered by the genocide being perpetrated by the Saudis in Yemen. British-made arms play their part in that horror. And we have kowtowed to the human rights abusing Saudi Arabia with impunity for decades.

Another Saudi attack in Yemen

It won’t be easy for President Biden to set an example given the power of the American armaments sector. 9/11, masterminded by a Saudi national and put into effect by others, was barely even a blip in long term US/Saudi relations.

Britain is a significant player in the arms industry but whether this will continue in the new world of our international isolation and diplomatic impotence remains to be seen. The British ambassador in Riyadh along with sycophantic and self-interested commercial interests have always been tools of the armaments producers never saying Boo to the horrific geese of the House of Saud.

Look to the money applies as ever. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia notwithstanding the fall in the oil price is rich and British businesses continue to beat a path to its door. And so do the Americans. Biden will struggle to break some of these money making ties. Britain won’t even try.

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