A bumbling fool, a third-rate apparatchik and a rapid decline to irrelevance

There is so much wrong with the effusion of Brexiteer propaganda that is James Forsyth in The Times today it’s hard to know where to start. The best place is to point out the fundamental lie about what the European Union is. The underlying premise is that the EU is some sort of dastardly sovereign entity bent on doing down us noble Brits. But this is nonsense. The negotiations are with senior civil servants accountable to the European Parliament whose sole obligation is to act on behalf of the 27 member States.

Prejudice and jingoistic bombast plays principle and duty. No contest.

If M. Barnier and co. were in some way acting wrongly or irresponsibly don’t you think one of the countries of the Union would say so? None has. If anything the warnings from France and Germany and the rest have been to stick to their guns and make no inappropriate concessions to Britain. This is of course underpinned by those European countries which though not in the EU do have trade deals with the 27 – Switzerland and Norway for example.

The arrogant and ignorant approach of Lord Frost, his preposterous obsession with Sovereignty and his loyalty to the bumbling fool in Downing Street show him to be the third-rate apparatchik he is. I asked a former top civil servant , knight of the realm and friend of mine, about Frost. “Doubt he’d have passed the entrance exam” he said.

To do the wrong thing, for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time, with the wrong people is what we now do as a matter of course. Inadequate politicians who have a clueless disregard for the national interest. A sycophantic governing party in Parliament who collectively spout jingoistic claptrap and are no more than lobby fodder. A compliant media who like Mr Forsyth do their masters bidding. There are no checks and balances and restraints, just faux-patriotism and bombast. And so we have A bumbling fool, a third-rate apparatchik and a rapid decline to irrelevance

3 thoughts on “A bumbling fool, a third-rate apparatchik and a rapid decline to irrelevance

  1. The average Briton has never understood the European Union. The British people I meet or used to meet in Spain before Covid restrictions put an end to all social dialogue had a very narrow understanding of what it represents. That description is the most polite way I can put it. The other perhaps more accurately is totally dumb headed.
    I hear the same nonsense put more eloquently perhaps from politicians who most certainly ought to know better. I really believe most of them get their minimal knowledge from The Telegraph or Mail.
    The EU could exist another thousand years and the British would be no nearer believing that it actually represents a force for good in the world. Like America during the Rosevelt years.
    I am now of the opinion that the EU will be much better off without Britain as a member. I care little what happens to that small island. They will be be left to their self-inflicted fate.
    I do have enormous sympathy for the Sots and Irish however. The sooner they break the shackles of the phoney union with England the better. It will happen. Perhaps not in my lifetime but Brexit has poisoned political relationships like the aftermath of war. The bitterness is palpable. Johnson’s legacy he cannot avoid, he owns it. So much for the United Kingdom. How the mighty fall in less than a century.


  2. Thanks, Norman for that link. It’s an interesting viewpoint rather Bennite in substance. The essence of the narrative George Monbiot suggests is essentially a conspiracy theory. I’m always sceptical of conspiracies they are usually completely wrong. I do agree that the unfettered form of capitalism coming to Britain in the coming years will produce a very ugly society and widen inequality even further.
    I also believe that Johnson never had the slightest intention of making a deal with the EU. If he does he’s finished. The zealots of the ERG will remove him in no time. The EU miscalculated to the extent that they should have realised negotiations were hopeless from the start once Johson got power.
    Brexit happened in my view in one sense by accident. It was Tory austerity and the hubris of David Cameron who was emboldened by the Scottish referendum result. He thought he had a once in a lifetime opportunity to finish the sceptic faction in his party that had plagued the Tory party for years. Dick Dastardly risk-taking.
    The miscalculation Cameron made was that the huge disaffection in the wider population with austerity would be turned against the EU by a dishonest media and politicians without scruples. Add to that the Oligarchs who funded the leave campaign entirely seeking opportunities for tax evasion and personal advantage. Johson is left with no other option but to deliver it. He is as boxed in as the rest of us.


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