“Boris Johnson in retreat as Tory revolt over Covid lockdown tiers rocks No 10”

Read last Sunday’s Sunday Times. It reveals a Government that is absolutely shambolic. The Venn diagrams of the libertarian freaks who gave us Brexit and those who oppose common-sense lockdown measures are almost identical. The same specious cries about “freedom”. The same rejection of expert advice. The same dunderhead certainty they are right. The same egotistical leaders spouting nonsense.

Britain has been ungovernable for sometime as our vacillating Prime Minister spouts nationalistic claptrap and wants to slap the Union Flag on everything. Meanwhile the Union that flag celebrates slides inevitably towards extinction. It needs a modern day Gibbon to record all these disasters.

The mighty have fallen into insignificance governed by people who only tell the truth occasionally, and then by mistake. The default position is to lie and we the people know it – so we do our own thing. The sensible amongst us are in quarantine – the dimwitted march maskless through central London showing open contempt for the law.

Leadership is ephemeral but you know it when you see it. It’s not characterised by bombast and ego but by demonstrating grip and garnering support for doing the right thing. After its four year slumber leadership is emerging again in America. Britain needs to do the same.

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