Joe Biden will be polite, but he knows that a Britain disconnected from Europe doesn’t matter much

Preposterous delusions in “The Times” today . “Mr Johnson has an opportunity to deepen the transatlantic alliance by working with Mr Biden” Real Politik will dictate that Britain will be way down President Biden’s list of priorities despite past sentimental attachments. The only “transatlantic alliance” that will matter will be America’s with Europe of which Britain will, to all intents and purposes, no longer be part.

It’s now sixty years since Britain was told by an American Secretary of State that the “Special Relationship” was bunkum (I paraphrase) and that the only option for our future was as active participants in a uniting Europe. The developing idea that our genuine emotional and cultural ties with the United States could help us as a member of the EU be a bridge between Washington and Brussels had some validity, but that of course has been torpedoed by Brexit.

Biden will thankfully have a more rational approach to international relations that his nationalist predecessor. He will know that Europe, Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, India, Brazil, Israel, the Middle East etc. etc. are America’s priorities. Little England will be way down the list. When Angela Merkel is the first of Mr Biden’s meetings it will be to a backdrop which will include the European flag as well as that of Germany.

The whole Brexit disaster was based on the premise that a Britain disconnected from Europe could return to the Great Power status it once enjoyed. It was faux-patriotic bombast – actually laughable and quite sad. Even Donald Trump didn’t buy that nonsense and Joe Biden certainly won’t. Time to get real.

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden will be polite, but he knows that a Britain disconnected from Europe doesn’t matter much

  1. Biden winning the presidency is a watershed moment for Europe and NATO. I expect to see closer US ties with Germany and France. Macron tried very hard with Trump and was rebuffed and insulted for his trouble. Merkle wisely didn’t even try, knowing it was hopeless. Putin must be feeling almost as sick today as Johnson undoubtable is despite the usual bluster.
    There is no doubt Britain is now out in the cold. That will become increasingly obvious in the coming months. Biden will know all he needs to do is ignore Johnson. His sympathies will be for Ireland. Like Kennedy before him, the negative history of British involvement in that country is embedded in the soul of anyone of Irish descent. That message will resonate through Whitehall with deafening silence.
    The Brexit catastrophe and its coming impact on Britain should see off the Tories, perhaps for a generation. An even greater defeat than that of Trump is something to look forward to, something to dream of, something to work for.
    Happy days ahead.


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