The self perpetuating privileges of power in Brexit Britain

Elitist, snobbish and disconnected from the real world. Boris Johnson’s choice to Chair the BBC.

There are few institutions in Britain that have to be all things to all men (and women) as the BBC. Its charter pretty well requires that. This means that much of its output should be, and is, popular entertainment. “Eastenders” and “Strictly” . Pop music on Radio 1. Light music on Radio 2. That the corporation also caters for those with more cerebral tastes – BBC Four and Radio 3 (etc.) is also part of their long-standing role to educate and inform as well as entertain. Reithian values just about hang in.

Charles Moore is not , I imagine, a fan of “Strictly” . Indeed he doesn’t seem a man fond of any entertainment you can’t do on a horse. Etonians don’t do the “Common touch”. Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher is thorough and well written, but a bit condescending to the grocer’s daughter. And if Moore couldn’t quite get her what chance he’ll understand your average fan of Dot Cotton and Dirty Den?

Elitism and snobbery are part of society – we are stratified in a hierarchy with the privileged, like Moore, at the top. Old Etonian Prime Ministers in the past had a touch of Noblesse Oblige about them but not their modern successors. Dave and Boris always look uncomfortable when they have to meet the hoi polloi. Moore will patronise the stable lad no doubt but have little interest in his television and radio choices.

Moore writes entertainingly and is well-mannered in a Wodehousian sort of a way. You can imagine him rising early, dressing in tweeds and popping out to check on his pig. What you can’t imagine him doing is running the BBC.

One thought on “The self perpetuating privileges of power in Brexit Britain

  1. Johnson is behaving as a mirror image of Trump. Stuff institutions with right wing idealogs and your legacy continues long after you have departed the political stage.
    Politicians care above all else how history views them. They try to make sure that legacy is favourable. It maybe perhaps a clue to their own view as to their expected longevity in office. Neither has actually much of a long term future. The shelf life of extremists in a democracy is limited. Thank goodness.

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