To stay in the Single Market would stop the wrangling and maintain our trading arrangements

When I was a schoolboy (a while ago !) the most heinous crime was not to break the rules but to blame somebody else for it. Maybe it was different at Eton because our mendacious Prime Minister always has someone else to blame for his failings – and it seems to be catching among his acolytes. Show me an honest man and he won’t be anywhere near today’s levers of power.

There is no rationale for EU negotiators to do anything but apply the Union’s well established, and well documented, rules. That’s what their 27 members expect them to do. The consequences of Britain choosing to leave the Union have not suddenly been made apparent. Whilst there are points of detail to hammer out the broad parameters have been known from the start.

To leave the EU does not mean we have to abandon our existing trading arrangements and many enthusiastic Brexiteers have said in the past that they favoured staying in the Single Market. One of them, Daniel Hannan, is now one of the Prime Ministers trade advisers. He should remind Johnson of what he said.

Once we agree to stay in the Single Market the bickering can stop and we can start to rebuild our reputation for common sense. The planned Lorry Parks can be returned to the farmers, and Mr Frost to whence he came from. And the Irish on both sides of the border can start to live their lives again.

2 thoughts on “To stay in the Single Market would stop the wrangling and maintain our trading arrangements

  1. For Johnson and Co leaving the EU is their established religious faith. The act is set in tablets of granite handed down from the mountain by Nigel Farage and the ERG. To change anything or water down the faith would be like the Pope allowing contraception or priests to marry. It ain’t going to happen.
    It doesn’t matter to them if it ruins the UK economy. It doesn’t matter to them if people are reduced in circumstances. It doesn’t matter if Britain loses its political influence in the wider world. Nothing matters but keeping the faith. The captain would rather go down with the ship than change course. The icebergs are looming and the ERG band is playing on the deck with Farage happily conducting the music of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance. The lifeboats for the rest of us have been sabotaged.
    Its time to swim for it and emigrate to Europe where life is relatively politically sain and people treat each other with repect.


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