Harry and Meghan – famous for being famous

The phenomenon of being famous for being famous has always been with us. Harry’s Mum had it for a while but she actually did a few good works once she had kicked her arrogant, unkind and unfaithful spouse into touch. And she was liked. Her sons are decidedly ordinary but the older one probably has sufficient of a sense of duty to tackle the constitutional monarch sinecure – not a job requiring too much brainpower – unless we have the good sense as a nation to abandon the whole “Royals” charade in time. Unlikely.

The second son is an attention-seeking twerp. Life for the “spare” can be tricky – look at Margaret Rose or the dysfunctional Andrew. True Harry Windsor’s great Grandfather unexpectedly became King so you never know. But there are plenty of little Windsors ahead of Harry in the queue. He ain’t going to the Palace in charge and he knows it. So what to do?

Harry’s great, great Uncle was banished from Britain for marrying an American divorcee – Harry has banished himslef for the same “offence”. In retrospcct the ghastly Duke of Windsor didn’t matter a jot – his brooding life in Paris and the Riviera was wholly insignificant. This silly, dimwitted, deluded man with his ambitious Yankee spouse faded quickly from the public consciousness. And so it will be with Harry and Meghan. You can plunder the good fortune of Being famous for being famous for a while – but only for a while before the public moves on and you are forgotten.

One thought on “Harry and Meghan – famous for being famous

  1. I would have more respect for Harry and his missies if they genuinely dropped off the radar. Got proper jobs and learned to be normal.
    Yet the opposite seems to be happening. They seem to want to be famous Royals without the duty and chores that it brings.
    They are likely to tread the celebrity circuit in LA until everyone’s sick of them. Which in LA usually takes about a week.


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