“The Murdoch Dynasty” – the Divine Right of Rupert

“The Murdoch Dynasty” was pretty good and informative – and shocking. Power corrupts and near absolute power corrupts absolutely. Murdoch is a winner and that pursuit of victory is ruthless and never fails. He was not destroyed by the Millie Dowler story (as he should have been) but strengthened. Nobody else could have done that.

Many have taken the Murdoch shilling and still do. Power and wealth go hand in hand – power gives money and money gives power. Tony Blair and countless others have known that. Tony was blinded by the power and Cherie by what wealth brings. They weren’t the only ones.

In the West we delude ourselves that we live in democracies and that we have checks and balances to curb the excesses of power. Murdoch shows how delusional and dangerous that is. Rupert Murdoch resembles Louis XIV – an earlier “Sun King”. We may have abandoned the “Divine Right of Kings” – but not the divine right of Rupert.

One thought on ““The Murdoch Dynasty” – the Divine Right of Rupert

  1. Murdoch is no different to Willam Randolph Hearst and all the other barons of industry time has produced. Technology is now simply repacing the faces with Bezos, Gates & Co. Mankind willingly evolved and exchanged feudalism in the Middle Ages for this alternative form of domination.
    We no longer toil in our master’s estates to be able to eat but really is it very different? Perhaps the middle classes have a better life but the underclass is still as poor, sick and miserable as ever. That should shame anyone in modern political leadership and shake them to their bootstraps. The fact that is doesn’t explains it all.


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