Britain leaving the European Union gives Scottish independence its crucial intellectual and emotional legitimacy.

Scotland wanted to stay in the European Union but unlike those of us in England who also wanted this the Scots can do something about it – and they will. Scotland is a country of authentic historic status but without being a nation state since 1707. But Boris Johnson’s recent claim that there is “no border” between England and Scotland is far from the truth. Devolution strengthened that very real border and Independence will finish the job.

There’s little pride in being British these days, and even less in being English. But north of the border things are much better. A devolved Government without an effective opposition is a bad thing – but it has allowed Nicola Sturgeon and her team to focus on 2020’s principal task, managing the COVID pandemic. People have stopped dying in Scotland and from the start the Scots have managed things infinitely better than the English.

Scotland is competently governed which in itself is a strong case for independence. Add in history and the case for reestablishing total Sovereignty becomes unarguable. In 2014 the economic case against independence was crucial and it is still strong. But as we saw during the EU Referendum Sovereignty has an emotional gut appeal. To argue, as the Brexiteers did, that in the EU Britain was not a sovereign nation was nonsense. But to argue that in the Union Scotland is not sovereign is a fact. Period.

The potential for Scotland as an independent nation in the EU is enormous. The Irish have prospered in a way that the Scots can match. The EU27 would love that and whilst the Spanish will have to be reassured that there is no precedent for Catalonia Scotland will be welcomed with open arms by all. Ireland has been a positive net recipient of EU funding and Scotland would be the same. Adopting the Euro and abandoning sterling reinforces the legitimacy of the break.

And if the Scots decide that the prospect of King Charles in a kilt is one they prefer to reject (and who could blame them ?) then the “Republic Of Scotland “ has a nice ring to it.

2 thoughts on “Britain leaving the European Union gives Scottish independence its crucial intellectual and emotional legitimacy.

  1. Absolutely agree Paddy. My ancestors were massacred in 1745 fighting for an independent Scotland. I am actively seeking to relocate to the land of my family to carry on the struggle for an independent Scotland within the European Union.
    Scottish nationalism is not the same animal as English nationalism whose beliefs lie in an inward narrow separatists view of the world. The Scottish people have long historical links with Europe and believe strongly in the European project. The Scottish identity is very separate to British identity. 79% of those who voted for the party in last year’s general election say they feel “very strongly” Scottish, whereas only 9% say they feel “very strongly” British. (Source BBC)
    Devolution is proving the Scots can run their own affairs better than the English. Independence is a democratic right, not a concession. Tine for a second independence vote now.


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