Politics before science as Johnson and co. ignore the experts.

This Prime Minister and Government add culpable irresponsibility to incompetence and mendacity. The experts are being marginalised and ignored. Those who charge that “herd immunity “ was never abandoned are beginning to look not like conspiracy theorists but informed insiders.

The problem with Britain’s grotesque mismanagement of this crisis is that from the start it has been seen as a political issue not a medical science one. So political leaders who habitually lie on everything fell into default mode and lied to us on the pandemic.

As a nation we have lost the capacity for rational debate, everything is binary. So when Johnson and his gang tell us black is white we are unpatriotic for telling them it is not. There is no discussion – and if you have the temerity to suggest that there are areas of grey you incur abuse.

Britain’s record on handling the pandemic has been embarrassingly woeful and yet they have the gall to tell us we are doing well. We are daily killing more citizens than the rest of Europe put together and yet we are relaxing the rules – it defies belief.

There should be no discussion of a trade off between mitigating economic damage, on the one hand, and saving lives on the other. Minimising fatalities should have been the driver from the start – it wasn’t. Yes the economy is suffering but it will recover. Our dead relatives and friends cannot recover – how many more will be joining them in the coming months?

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